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Superbad is a 2007 comedy film written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The film is directed by former television director Greg Mottola and is produced by Judd Apatow, previously known for producing The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up.

The film follows high school seniors Evan and Seth, two socially-awkward best friends who attempt to lose their virginity before the end of the school year. When opportunity presents itself through a scheduled keg party, the two friends attempt to illegally obtain enough alcohol to satisfy the party-goers. Meanwhile, geeky teenager Fogell spends the night with two reckless police officers, convincing them he is a twenty-five year old Hawaiian organ donor named McLovin.
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The blue halter top worn by Emma at the party is from Hip Adventures.

The outfit Martha MacIssac wore in this scene starts with a dusty rose, light knit scoop neck  top by Realitee. The Light sage green pants she wore were ribbed corduroy from Red Engine. 


Those Superbad shoes, a pair of brown leather clogs with gold buckle and studs from Bongo. We have not found those yet but we did find some we liked, check it out.


Now you may have noticed the necklace she wore with this outfit. This piece of movie jewelry is from Peggy Li. The siliver necklace worked well with the hammered sterling silver oval earrings that Marcia MacIssac wore.


Hanging out at the Mall? What do you wear? Well if you are Seth (Jonah Hill)  your Superbad shirt is an American Eagle light blue polo.


Of course the colors available at the online AE store do not include light blue, but you should check out what they do have.

Seth's Bruce Lee t-shirt is actually a gray American Apparel t-shirt with a classic shot of Bruce Lee on the front. Seth completes his outfit with a pair of light blue Polo Jeans.

Here is an outfit from the home economics scene in Superbad. This Emma Stone outfit features jeans from Hudson, a shirt from Lux and shoes from Nine West., Find clothes, t-shirts and outfits from Superbad. Find the jeans, Bruce Lee T-Shirt, McLovin style as seen on the cast and characters including Becca and Jules. You can view the trailer and pictures from the movie. Looking for something we donít list? Join our forum and ask other forum members to help you spot something.

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What are the Superbad movie clothes worn by Michael Cera in this picture from the movie? Nothing more than a pair of brown khaki style pants from The Gap topped with a Paul Frank long sleeve shirt in dark brown with green and brown horizontal stripes



 I am McLovin! Yes he is! Fogellís outfit from the party features a long sleeve white with tan and brown stripes shirt from Eighty Eight worn with a pair of black Covington pants. 

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The night of the big party and what is Evan wearing under his hoodie this time? An Old Navy collared polo shirt, Tan with Navy and white accents.

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Brad Pitt's Sunglasses from Ocean's 13
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Pinata T-Shirt from Knocked Up
The Strokes T-Shirt from Transformers
Knocked Up Movie Soundtrack
Chanel Bag in The Devil Wears Prada
Kirsten Dunst's Locket in Spiderman 3
Shia LaBeouf Jeans from Disturbia
Disco Ball in Bumblebee from Transformers
George Clooney's Sunglasses in Ocean's 13
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Micheal Ceraís hoodie in this scene is from Old Navy and the pants are from Quicksilver



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Nicola's party outfit. We are still confirming the top and are pretty sure it is from XX1 but we have not confirmed that yet.


but we know that jeans that Aviva Nicola wore are Lucky Brand "Lil Maggie" style.

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We Found It!
I am McLovin t-shirt
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Alright there are a number of shirts we all want and we can't seem to find. Here is the info we have so far. 

The Ricard Pryor Shirt - the shirt is from American Apparel but one with the image we have yet to find.


Now we did find this great shirt with Richard Pryor on it that supports one of the causes he believed in.


Plus some others with Richard and/or his unique brand of humor on them.

Check this out!.
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The Spam Alot Shirt..again from American Apparel but one with the image we have yet to find.


There are other Spam Alot shirts available....and when we do find this one we will let you know. Our thinking is that it is an Iron On (aka Heat Transfer). So if you find it email our editor and get ranked as a Spotter.