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Nancy Drew is a 2007 feature film based on the popular series of mystery novels about the teen detective. It stars Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew, Kay Panabaker as George, Amy Bruckner as Bess, and Max Thieriot as Ned.

The movie follows Nancy Drew (Emma Roberts) after she and her father (Tate Donovan) rent a house in Los Angeles where the murder of a movie star, Dehlia Draycott (Laura Harring), occurred following her mysterious disappearance. Despite the mystery, Nancy's father has forbidden her from further sleuthing and encourages her to focus on high school and being normal. After difficulty fitting into her new school Nancy reverts to sleuthing and following the clus in the murder mystery.
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The Nash Convertible driven by Emma Roberts can sometimes be confused with another famous detective's car, the Peugeot 403 driven by TV Show Detective Columbo (Peter Falk). Although the Nash is no longer in production, here is some cool information about the car and its history.Of course once we started investigating the Nash, our inner Nancy Drew came out and next thing you know we were looking into Columbo's car. Here is a link to a site with great information on the detective's car.

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Emma Robert's Nancy Drew character used the MacBook pro in white to aid in her investigation and sleuthing. The MacBook pro is available in a variety of configurations to meet your computing and Nancy Drew style investigative needs.


The Checkerboard slip on tennis shoes worn by Josh Flitter in the Nancy Drew movie are classic surf styling shows from Vans. Available in many cool and casual patterns the checkerboard pattern is the one Josh wore to complete his outfit.

Let's hear it for girl-positive exclaimed by editorial reviewer Elisabeth Vincentelli.  The Nancy Drew soundtrack features pop songs from the likes of Liz Phair, Price and Flunk. The songs from the Nancy Drew soundtrack are described in some cases as party-happy, infectious, and lively. Check out the full track listing via the link.

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I Saw It In.Net, the webís largest product placement listing for the Nancy Drew movie. The cell phone from Nancy Drew, Emma Robertís preppy wardrobe, the soundtrack, clothes and info about the Nancy Drew movie are available here.  Plus see what other fans are looking for, become part of the Spotter Network and make sure others say....I Saw It in....

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George Clooney's Sunglasses in Ocean's 13
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There is great interest in the wardrobe from Nancy Drew as many have felt that over the generations since 1930 Nancy Drew has put forward a sophisticated signature style that is both timely and timeless. Nancy Drewís wardrobe as worn by Emma Roberts was primarily designed by the movieís costume designer Jeffrey Kurland, as one-of a kind pieces for the movie. Jeffery Kurland was also the costume designer for My Best Friends Wedding, Erin Brokovich and Oceanís 11, all featured films that included her Emma Robertís famous aunt, Julia Roberts. As one-of-a-kind pieces the best option to obtain the celebrity style in the 2007 Nancy Drew movie is to find similar fashions that look like the clothes and their classically preppy style.
Nancy Drew's wardrobe items can be found on our Nancy Drew Inspired Style page.

This cell phone featured in Nancy Drew is the TMobile Sidekick ID. As seen on Nancy Drew the cell phone provides you access to e-mail, instant messaging, and text messaging. With changeable faceplates you can match your phone to your outfit or mood.


Here's a cool link to more info on the Sidekick as seen on TV, MTV and other programs.




The Black Converse All Stars worn by Max Thieriot have also appeared on the cast member of another 2007 movie, Scott Caan in Ocean's 13. Timelessly classic, comfortable and casual they come in many colors to meet your every fashion and style need.


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